Developer 'Sandboxes' in the cloud for Pre-Release Software

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One of the advantages of the TechNet Developer program is that you sometimes have access to ‘pre-release’ software from FileMaker, Inc. Depending on which product you are testing and/or which operating system; it is often not possible or advisable for you to run the current production version on the same system with your ‘pre-release’ software. Even if you have the appropriate hardware and/or virtualized environments, testing only in a ‘local environment’ may not provide you with the level of performance you’re your users can expect in the ‘real-world’ environment and may make your testing less than dependable. Our (biased) advice is to host in a cloud environment and take advantage of low/no startup cost, scalablility, and complete isolation.


For any current TechNet Developer level member, we would like to offer a bundle of services which will allow you to test both client and server ‘pre-release’ software in our cloud-based environment- which has been recommended FileMaker staff and by industry best practices. In short, we would like to give you a ‘sandbox’ environment so that you can test your solutions in a totally isolated environment. These cloud based services will allow you to utilize your 'pre-release' software without actually installing any files on your local system. ** conditions apply


This offer is for a 30-day trial, which may be cancelled at any time. Since this bundle is available only to TechNet Developer members, we will not display this option in our website and/or shopping cart. We will also remind users that they are bound by FileMaker’s NDA not to discuss which products may be available for testing, nor to publically discuss about the results of your testing. We have a very good relationship with FileMaker, Inc. and we do not wish to facilitate any program which would undermine their NDA agreements. We will validate that you are a current TechNet Developer member prior to setting up any new accounts. For these products, we are simply providing 'cloud-services', but you are providing your own licensing via your membership in the Technet Developer program.


These accounts cost us money: the use of our equipment, datacenter resources, wmWare & Microsoft licensing, setup & maintenance cost, etc. For those of you who do not trust what you do not understand- let me explain what is in this for Worldcloud.




The first reason we are offering this service is because many developers have never used FileMaker Pro ‘in the cloud’. The fact that we offer both client and server in the cloud can create a faster, more secure, more scalable, and more portable means to deploy FileMaker products. We can offer these services to both Mac and Windows users, as well as to HTML 5, Android, Blackberry and iOS. The more you understand these ‘extended’ deployment options for FileMaker, the more likely you are to use and/or recommend us to others.




FileMaker, Inc. provides ‘pre-release’ products for developers to ready their solutions for the launch of future FileMaker products; however, as a hosting provider- we also would like to test our future services in a real-world environment prior to the release of a new product. By helping developers with access to the ‘sandbox’ accounts, we gain the traffic we need to gain knowledge in how much RAM, CPU, and other resources these future versions of FileMaker may require. We will also get a feeling for the ‘real-world’ capacities of these new products. We will not publically discuss these finding until after FileMaker releases an ‘official’ product, but if you have read the 2012 DevCon session descriptions, part of our session this year is dedicated to such a discussion. We want to objectively be able to show what to expect from the latest FileMaker software. We also plan to publish a white paper with our findings, so even if you choose to host future versions of FileMaker locally; you can still merit from helping withour testing.




Like any FileMaker-centric hosting provider, we are happy to host to most any client; however, as TechNet Developer members, it is implied that you are serious about your FileMaker development and in many cases; a TechNet Developer membership implies that you are supporting numerous users. You are the type of developers which we wish to partner with. We looking at partnering in any way which makes sense. One option which several developers are currently utilizing is SaaS hosting, which bundles your software and our services. Deliver your FileMaker solutions to clients which do not own FileMaker Pro and provide it to them with very little up-front cost.


We also have ‘dedicated’ resources for several of the larger FileMaker consultancies, so that even though their clients host directly with us, they have ‘god’ privileges to support their user’s beyond the ‘basics’.


We have also provided cloud-based versions of FileMaker to some developers, so that they can demo their FileMaker Pro solutions to prospects solely through an HTML 5 browser. In short, we are very open to working together within the community to help you sell your solutions, consulting, and/or other services; by utilizing these ‘sandbox’ accounts hopefully you will find us to be a quality establishment and we can work together on other ventures.




Many of you are aware that Worldcloud changed hands about a year ago, so many of the products and services we currently offer are ‘left-overs’ from the ‘old’ Worldcloud. As FileMaker readies new products, it is an opportunity for us to introduce a new set of services, portals, and other functionality we currently do not offer. Normally we have difficulties offering ‘beta versions’ of our products as most of our current clients use them in production environments, but since this service is designed solely for ‘testing & development’ we have the opportunity to test our own ‘beta versions’ and receive feedback prior to allowing this code into production environments. In short, we all ‘win’ by working together as a community. As a TechNet Developer member, you have identified yourself beyond a ‘causal’ FileMaker developer and means that we are even more interested in your feedback.


If you are interested in this ‘sandbox’ bundle; please email



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