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    new features, explore all that is there first


      Everyone is discussing new things they want… slow down and see what is there first.

      I have recently found new features I simply never bothered to use so the chalannge for many of us should be to step out from our usual way of diong things and you may find some of the templatesand assisted mechanics get you to where you needed to go so much faster.

      To be specific, I always ignored new Layout template mechnics in favor of always going for blank layouts.

      bad idea must have waisted a fair bid of time always creating my own list layouts never mind we learn from our mistakes.


      And yes of course I am looking forward to the next version.

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          I think you'll find that the conversation in the Expectations thread is taking place among very experienced developers,  who know what they are missing, and looking to have it added.  -- L 

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            This goes for so called experieced developers as well I am talking about the habits we form to develop the same way because we are comfortable doing so, I  have been working fairly intesivly in Fiilemaker for 20 years and there's little I have not explored I am pointing the fact that version 11 actually added a lot opf nice stuff that is so easy to overlook.

            and yes its been around a while…

            Maybe you could say is pointless to bring it up, however if it helps someone look deeper at some features offered then it a worhwhile discussion.


            And yes we have our wish-list items if we have used filemaker for a long time.