IWP Radio Buttons Which Execute a Script

Discussion created by user12837 on Mar 10, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2012 by speckledchris

I have a radio button set which must determine whether or not a text box appears. Click the "no" button and the text box disappears. Click the "yes" button and it reappears.


In regular FileMaker, an On Object Modify trigger solves this problem. But in IWP, triggers are fired only by scripts.


I tried this:


a. Cleared the Browse Mode checkbox under Field entry

b. Configured Button Setup to execute a script which toggles the radio button, thereby firing the On Object Modify trigger


It works in IWP so long as I click between the two radio buttons. But if I click on top of either radio button, nothing happens.


I tried putting a rectangle on top of the radio button set and making it the button, but that doesn't work either.


What's the workaround for this?