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    Filtered portal question

      I'm working on a sick report db and I want a portal to display all employee sick reports in a given division (Division History portal). I was thinking of using a global field with a drop down list so the user could choose a division and view all related reports. I also want a portal to filter individual personnel (Personnel History portal) so you can view all that employees reports also with a global drop down where the user selects the employee.


      I have the following tables: Personnel---->Sick Reports---->Followups (a portal on the sick report layout to enter follow up action)...Sick Reports---->Sick History.


      Right now I have a tabbed layout based on the Sick Report table. One tab is obviously for the data entry for the sick report, another tab is for the Division History and Personnel History portals and a third tab for the sick and injured manager. I believe I need to take the last two tabs and put them on their own layout based on the Sick History table. (?)


      I haven't been able to get this to function properly. I'm not clear what fields I should have in the Sick History table and what relationships to make. I'm also unsure of where the global fields go (xdivision and xemployee). Do they go in the Sick Report table or the Sick History table?


      In portal setup for "show related record from:" do I need to make a table occurence for Sick Div History and Sick Pers History for the respected portals?


      I've tried so many different things at this point that I kind of got myself all twisted up with what is what.


      Any help would be appreciatted.



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          Hi Gregg,


          Without seeing any of your layouts or the relationship graph, my suspicion is that you are trying to get too much accomplished in the one layout with several tabs.


          Even though I don't generally follow the Anchor-Buoy system for setting up my layouts, that system can prove useful when you need to disentangle a design complexity that apparently won't let you do what you think should be possible.


          FMP is amazingly tolerant of multiple layouts and multiple TOGs to the point where you yourself can become utterly confused if you've not employed a carefully structured system for naming TOs and their connected layouts.


          In your case, it might be best to have completely separate Table Occurrence groups for the two reports, one for reporting the sick histories by division with your Global field to select the Division, and another TOG + layout(s) to display Sick Pers History. This is merely one suggestion as there are doubtless other ways to accomplish your end objective.


          Let us know if this is at all helpful!





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            Here's the sick report screen.


            History portals




            In the above graph the blue TO's use the table Sick Report. The green TO's use the table Sick History. I don't know which TO's to use to help me get the division and personnel history I want or which relationships to use. I'm also not sure what fields I'll need in the Sick History table. Just by looking at this you can tell I have no idea what I'm doing.



            For layouts I'm going to leave the sick report screen on a layout showing records from the Sick Reports table. Would it make sense to make a copy of this layout and have it show records from the Sick History table for the portals?  Can I have those two portals on the same layout.

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              Hi Gregg,


              Your screen shots seem to confirm my initial presumption and, at this stage, I believe your objective will be more readily achieved with several layouts instead of trying to have everything in one single layout.


              I presume the the layouts you've shown are based upon the Personnel table. If that's true, I'd have the Personnel data such as Division, Phone number etc in the uppermost portion of the layout and use the Tab Control to show various data about that person's Sickness -- days off work, history and followups below that in Portals that draw data from related tables.


              Allowing the creation of new records in those related table is one way of entering data for a "new sickness" for any Employee and extra followup info for any Sickness record.


              I think that preparing a Division Report necessitates running a script to gather up all the sickness records for personnel in that Division -- first by finding those personnel then a GTRR from the found set followed by the display of that data in a portal of a different layout based upon the Division.


              Thus I think your relationship graph will need to have:

              Divisions - - - - - - > Personnel - - - - > Sick Reports - - - -> Followups


              The blue TO's will need to be related to their parent table before you can get any data displayed. My guess is that you are seeing "unrelated table" when you try to display data.


              As you can see, I'm making several assumptions that are possibly unwarranted, but if that's the case please let us know so that we can take a better stab at refining the suggestions.


              I hope this helps somewhat.



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                Thanks for the help John, bear with me though as I'm very new to this. I should've explained the graph a little better. I know the blue TO's aren't hooked up, and the green ones aren't working. The red TO's are working fine allowing me to create the sick reports I need. I think this pic better represents where I am. At this point I don't know which direction to go with tables and TO's to make that portal filter work with the global drop downs.



                The blue TO's are based off the Sick Report table while the green ones are based off the Sick History table which, at this point, isn't hooked up to anything.


                Also the the tabbed layout is based off the Sick Report table not Personnel. On the sick report screen the fields in the Officer Information section are fields in the Sick Report table that are calculated values getting data from the Personnel table. When the user selects an officer from the OfcName field all those fields are populated (except the Date and Time fields). All the other fields on that screen are from the Sick Report table and are hand entered. Is it ok for this this screen to be based on the Sick Report table?


                The sick report screen is functioning properly. The problem I'm haveing is with the Division History and Officer History portal screen. The problem is two fold, I think I need to base this layout on a table other than Sick Report but I don't know which one and I don't know how to set up the portals to make the global filtering work. This is where the blue and green TO's come in. I don't know which ones to use or if I should even use those at all and maybe do something different.