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Filtered portal question

Question asked by grgranello on Mar 10, 2012
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I'm working on a sick report db and I want a portal to display all employee sick reports in a given division (Division History portal). I was thinking of using a global field with a drop down list so the user could choose a division and view all related reports. I also want a portal to filter individual personnel (Personnel History portal) so you can view all that employees reports also with a global drop down where the user selects the employee.


I have the following tables: Personnel---->Sick Reports---->Followups (a portal on the sick report layout to enter follow up action)...Sick Reports---->Sick History.


Right now I have a tabbed layout based on the Sick Report table. One tab is obviously for the data entry for the sick report, another tab is for the Division History and Personnel History portals and a third tab for the sick and injured manager. I believe I need to take the last two tabs and put them on their own layout based on the Sick History table. (?)


I haven't been able to get this to function properly. I'm not clear what fields I should have in the Sick History table and what relationships to make. I'm also unsure of where the global fields go (xdivision and xemployee). Do they go in the Sick Report table or the Sick History table?


In portal setup for "show related record from:" do I need to make a table occurence for Sick Div History and Sick Pers History for the respected portals?


I've tried so many different things at this point that I kind of got myself all twisted up with what is what.


Any help would be appreciatted.