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Accessing files hosted on FM Server via Internet not thru IWP but using FM client

Question asked by ebassily on Mar 10, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2012 by johnhorner

I'm currently developing a file using FM Pro and wanted to host it via FileMaker Server so that my colleagues can start working on the data entry while I finish development and fine-tuning of the file. The problem I'm facing is that we can access the file using our FileMaker clients on the local network only, but can't access it from outside the office. I'm wondering if there is an easy, rather straightforward, way to access my hosted files on my office's LAN. I, as well as my colleagues, need to be able to work on this file from home and from other work locations. I tried Instant Web Publishing but it only allowed data entry, and only worked on the office LAN too, so it didn't do any good in my situation. Would appreciate any quick and helpful responses. Thanks.