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    General find question


      I imported my supplier files from Excel and everything lined up nicely.

      I put a dropdown list on Product and Supplier.

      However, when I click on a supplier's name, that's the only thing that changes.

      I would like to click on a supplier's name and have all the information come up that is related to that supplier.

      Also, the same for Products. If I select a product from the Product List, I would like the Supplier to come up.


      Any ideas?

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          Hey Gowa,


          I don't know your level of experience with Filemaker, but it sounds like maybe you need 2 tables:


          1. Table with one record for each Supplier, with a second field listing all of the products that supplier provides.
          2. Table for your order form (if that's where you're trying to click on the supplier name), with a relationship to Table #1 by Supplier Name.  Then when you select a Supplier, you should have a portal or a relationship field that grabs all of the products they provide.


          Does that help?  Or am I not understanding how you want the functionality to work?