Multiple sub-summary parts and fields on a single page.

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I have been banging my head against a wall with this for some time. I am still kinda new to FM and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Some background:

I have a relational database that stores information about "clients" and "appointments"

We collect information such as "location", "background of clients", "languages spoken at home", "type of contact (phone, face-to-face)" etc.


At the end of each month we need to produce a report about the various types of clients and appointments that have been dealt with that month.


I have been given a fairly specific layout for the monthly report. I need to show breakdowns for each of a number of catagories as well as their totals.


For example:



southern outreach 5

main office 10

Northern Office 35


Languages spoken at home by clients;

russian 6

english 45

italian 2




I have to do this for a whole heap of catagories. I can do them individually, no problem. But I cannot for the life of me find a sensible way of having them all show within a reasonable layout.


I tried writing an elaborate script that sorts for each of the sub-summaries and than appeands the results to a PDF. This kind of works, however, filemaker insists on putting a page break after every append operation leaving far too much blank space. It has been rejected as I need to produce a more succinct report. Ideally only 1-2 pages. essentially i need each sub-summary to be a small table.


The only other thing I can think to do is write a long script that manually does the sub-summary calculations and dumps the entire result into a special "report table". However, this is not ideal at all as the contents of some of the fields are going to change over time and I wont always be around to fix the script.


What would really be awesome is if there was some way to isolate subsummary reports into blocks within the same layout and sort each block independently. Is anything like that possible at all?



Any help at all would garner my eternal gratitude.