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    Metadata in PDF-File


      I create PDF Files out of my FM11 DB. I would like to add Metadata such as Titel, Author, Theme, keywords. It seems to be strait forward to add these data in a newly created PDF File. However, after opening the PDF File in Acrobat reader all the metadata are lost. Does anyone have a solution?


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          Can you post an example??

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            Yes, certainly.

            In FM i go to the options for the PDF File and add Titel, Betreff, Autor, etc


            FM creates a wonderful PDF. However, Autor and keywords are lost. Any Idea?





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              It is because when you read the metadata in Acrobat it uses the XMP version, and Filemaker does not appear to correctly write values into this stream. It DOES however write the information into the internal info stream


              Below is an example of the reader.info() returned by iText of a file I just created with all values filled in from Filemaker

              I filled in Title, Author, Subject, and Keywords....


              {ModDate=D:20120401112424+01'00', Subject=subject, Creator=FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.0v4, Author=author, CreationDate=D:20120401112423+01'00', Producer=Adobe PDF Library 8.0, DLI_Copyright=Datalogics Interface (DLI) Copyright (C) 1998-2008 Datalogics, Inc. -- www.datalogics.com, DLI=, Keywords=keyword1, keywords2, Title=title, Platform=Macintosh}