Looking for a document that describes the changes FM Server makes to web servers

Discussion created by nmurphy24 on Mar 11, 2012

When installing Filemaker Server 11 Advanced, if you want to do web publishing, you also need a web server (either IIS or Apache).

I would like to know exactly what changes FMS makes to the web server properties. For example, I assume it must add a redirector, etc.


I havefour reasons for asking.


1) I am trying to figure out why I can't do IWP on my FMS.*


2) In looking over the properties page of IIS 6 (my web server), there are some of options I might be able to take advantage of if I knew what changes FMS already made.


3) I find knowing as many details as possible is really helpful when encountering future problems.


4) I want to do custom web publishing with PHP in the future.


Is a document like this available?




* I think IIS 6 may be preventing FMS from making the necessary changes. Going to switch to Apache and see what happens.