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    Looking for a document that describes the changes FM Server makes to web servers


      When installing Filemaker Server 11 Advanced, if you want to do web publishing, you also need a web server (either IIS or Apache).

      I would like to know exactly what changes FMS makes to the web server properties. For example, I assume it must add a redirector, etc.


      I havefour reasons for asking.


      1) I am trying to figure out why I can't do IWP on my FMS.*


      2) In looking over the properties page of IIS 6 (my web server), there are some of options I might be able to take advantage of if I knew what changes FMS already made.


      3) I find knowing as many details as possible is really helpful when encountering future problems.


      4) I want to do custom web publishing with PHP in the future.


      Is a document like this available?




      * I think IIS 6 may be preventing FMS from making the necessary changes. Going to switch to Apache and see what happens.