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Is disabling field calculation in Scripts possible (workaroundable)?

Question asked by cateringtraveller on Mar 11, 2012
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running a script and looping through records, I would like to set a certain field with -say- a special character like "|".

However, the field I am setting is set to calculate (upon a trigger). Because so, once I create a new record in the script,

that calc fires.


Is there a way around that it doesnt (while I am in the script) ?



I am using the drag and drop idea of excelsys in my solution inside a portal.

The field that is updating by calc is the drag field.

To make it a little more complex, its a data separation model situation.

Having the calc on during record creation boosts the loop inside the script to 25 seconds,

without it being turned on, the script runs 3 seconds.



Thank you.