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    FMP11 and Lion OS


      In both a client site and my own office, several new Macs were purchased with Mac OS X Lion on them. After installing FMP 11.0v4, we have all noticed that the connection is dropped to FMS after a period of inaction. FMP doesn't quit, it just reports the connection was lost and the files are closed. In my office, not such a big deal.


      In the client office, they open FMP first thing in the morning and work in it and other programs throughout the day. Losing connection and having to log in mutiple times during the day is defintely an inconvenience to staff.


      Is there a setting that is causing this or is this just a Lion/FM situation? The FMS server in the client site is version 10, in my site - FMS version 11.


      BTW, this is not the setting within the admin console that disconnnects a client after a certain period of idle time. Other Macs in the office are still on OS X 10.6.8 and they do not experience the disconnect.


      Your experience, thoughts and advice are appreciated.





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          Check the energy saver preferences: computers connecting to FMP should NOT go to sleep.

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            Thanks Vaughan, I'll check that out.



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              As a follow up, it was the energy setting on the client computer as Vaughan suggested. When the computer went to sleep, it dropped the connection to FM Server. In both instances the client computers were new so the settings were original. I just needed to change them.


              In case it was not clear, the FileMaker Server computer NEVER sleeps.

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                hi vaughan and michele,


                i am new to filemaker server (just last week deployed my first solution... i didnt even know what a port was... that took a while...) and actually configured the host machine to sleep after 15min but to wake with incoming network activity and it seems to work fine... is this a bad idea (to allow sleep)?




                john h.

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                  John may need to be sleep deprived,


                  Yes, very bad idea. When the computer goes to sleep any connected guests will lose connection to the DB. I'm not sure if the OS even identifies a FM client request as "network activity" that would require not to wake up. But you should never allow a FM Host computer, be it FMS or FMP, to go to sleep.

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                    thanks ch0c0halic... as far as i can tell, it does seem to wake the server when i try to access it while it was it's sleeping (i'm only on os10.6)... but i see your point about it going back to sleep while users are connected.  i will disable sleep and rename the server "arjuna" in honor of the mytholigical hindu warrior who conquered sleep.  thanks again!

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                      FileMaker Server 13 on OSX Mavericks (non-server).


                      Just had a problem with a client losing connections and also having a terrible time logging on in the morning - getting failed logins because the connection was so slow.


                      It turned out to be the default settings on the energy saver! only spotted alfter tracing through the system logs.