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Script Trigger Question

Question asked by marcosx on Mar 11, 2012
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I have a data entry page that I control access to based on a login account and privilege set.


I have a calculation that toggles between 1 and 0 , when 1 the data is editable, when 0 it is locked.


My question is when it is 1 and editable, and the user clicks on the "Next Record Arrow" button in the "Status Toolbar" is it possible to catch that action, knowing that we are leaving the current record, and in reaction set the edit bit to 0 before FM moves to the next record.


Repating my question from above in a slightly different form - I am trying to create system where users can create a new record and once they leave it,it locks. They can then view the record but there is a decision to edit the record has to be deliberate. The record stays editable until the user leaves the record or says save the record, which really is just toggling the edit bit to 0. The "leave the record" part is what I can't figure out.


Thanks in advance.