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    Looking for FMP based CMR


      A few years back there was a demo file using I think SmartPill that showed how to build a Content Management System in fMP for a client. It lets them pretty much drag and drop to create and or change their website. Adding pages sand content.

      I can't find it and would love to either license what was done or something like it for a client who needs to create multiple registrations for events.

      Anyone know where I might find it or something similar?


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          I'm pretty sure that the SmartPill guys are still around, but we have several clients which have started out with the Xtracker from Excelisys. It's far from the only CRM starter solution in the market, but they seem to have done a better job in keeping that product modern, well-designed, and scalable solution compared to the majority of the solutions we've seen.


          We are a hosting provider, so we get to see a huge number of files and solutions in the process of supporting our users. We do not get a referral from Excelisys, but if you wanted to try Xtracker, or any other FileMaker solution; we can provide both FileMaker Server and FileMaker Pro functionality from the cloud with no reason to spend money with FileMaker, Inc. up-front (as we provide those licenses on a monthly basis). We also normally will do a 30 day trial...


          Seedcode.com and ProductiveComputing.com also have offerings. FM Starting Point is another one, but we have found the coding in Starting Point to be at the same level as these other solutions...





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            Guess my abreviations wasn't clear. I am looking for content management nut contact managment. Those solutions all manage contaqcts. This clent needs to be able to create web pages.

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              Stephen Huston

              I recall seeing this functionality demo'd in FMPro some years back.


              My memory of it was that it required FM Server; it didn't create and manage content externally from the web server.


              Sorry, I cannot point you to any current rendition of that demo.