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FileMaker and ESS Performance

Question asked by GordonShewach on Mar 12, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2012 by LSNOVER

I've created a FileMaker database that's connected to an Oracle database via Actual Technologies ODBC driver. Everything works. It's just painfully slow doing very mundane things. Going from record to record takes about 5 seconds on a layout that has a few native FileMaker fields and about 25 Oracle fields displayed via ESS. Nothing fancy, except a portal containing 3 rows and 4 text fields (can you really call a portal fancy). No performance-killing calcs or summary fields.


I've done work with ODBC and ESS before and the performance has been fine. Is this aberrant? Could it simply be that the database I'm accessing is large (student database for a 40,000-student university)? My FMP db only has 600 student records, but ESS connects it to the full student database in Oracle. The pipe to Oracle is a WAN, but it's a large university's WAN meaning really big pipes connecting units. I'm told it's a 1gig pipe and I've been able to clock speeds over 80Mbps during business hours.


If I can't find a way to improve performance, I'll write some routines that bring the data in natively every night. I'd just like to avoid this if possible. Thanks for any insights you can offer from your own experiences.


Gordon Shewach

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