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Admin console remembers old server

Question asked by MicheleOlson on Mar 12, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2012 by MattLeach

I recently set up a new MacPro as a FMS server for a client using FMS 11. Prior to this setup, they were on FMS 10. [New Mac = OS X Lion, Old Mac = OS X 10.6.x]


The older computer was retired, a new one put in its place, files were transferred, tested. etc.


All worked as it should except for one slight glitche when accessing the server admin console remotely.


The new server has the same static IP address as the old.


The Admin console launches correctly on the new computer, but when I attempt to access the new server from the computer I use to remote into their location, I cannot get the admin console app to *forget* the name of the old FMS.


From the browser window, the URL does display the correct information for the FMS 11 server, but when I Start the Admin Console, it remembers the old server. The message "Unable to launch the application" appears and the Name in place is from the previous server. [This one is FMS11.local; the prior one was FMS10.local]


How do I make the java applet forget the previous server name? I believe this is what causes the problem.



I have cleared the cache in the browser.


I have located all copies of admin_console_webstart.jnlp and deleted them so a fresh one is generated.


I have removed all jnlp and plist pref files for the java fms admin console in Preferences, but none of this changed the situation.


There must be another item to clear.


I appreciate the assistance.