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Connection Closed dropping other clients

Question asked by techt on Mar 12, 2012

It seems that when a client times out, on occasion, there seems to be a cascade effect and everyone else is disconnected as well. Once I've had this happen to all hosted files. Usually to just the users of that file, and some times, just a location.


Is anyone else seeing this, and more importantly, any ideas to make it go away?


As much as I can check, the machines are up to date, have their hard drives not set to go to sleep. It's a mix platform environment, FMSA11. The server doesn't report anything out of the ordinary - network traffic, CPU, memory utilization, etc.. FMSA is set to disconnect after 6 hours, and it happens at any point during the day. We were able to resolve a duplicate IP issue, which caused all manner of problems, but this issue seems to persist.


I've been tempted to set up a bank of virtual servers to further segregate the users, but that seems excessive, and I'm not sure what the licensing impact might be for myself or the clients.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated,