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    DevCon Discussion Area


      I may be missing it (which has been known to happen ), but I think a discussion area for DevCon 2012 would be helpful for people to discuss the sessions, venue, activities and a chance to "pre-network" before the event.


      For first timers it would give a chance for some DevCon tips and advice from long time attendees. I know on my first one many years ago, knowing a few folks from another forum to help us get the "lay of the land" down really enriched our experience and helped us get the most of our first time!


      DevCon is expensive (especially if you're on your own or a small shop) but I think can be well worth the investment if you know how to get the most out of it. If anyone is going for their first time, feel free to msg me - I love to meet new FileMaker folks and will be happy to help answer any questions you may have!


      But it would still be nice to have an area on our board if possible for it - thanks!





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          I've noticed that this is one area where Tech Net is lacking. Other FileMaker forums out there have an area for DevCon. I guess you could make this the official thread for it?


          I will be attending this year for my second year (went in 2010).

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            HI Matt!


            You went in 2010? Bet you're glad it's closer to home this time for you!


            What interests you the most about DevCon in 2012?

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              Hi Rich,


              It is definately nicer to have it close to home. Only down side is with the price of gas the travel expense is just as much as a plane ticket lol.


              When i attended in 2010 i only had about 6 months of experience under my belt with FileMaker so i attended under the Gold Package and went through the FTS track. After getting educated on the core of FileMaker i spent the past almost 2 years developing as much as i can to familiarize myself with what i learned so this year i'm looking forward to expanding my knowledge and attending some more intermediate and advanced sessions.


              I'm mainly an in-house developer but also do a lot of databases on the side. I've just finished integrating credit card processing into our in-house solution using X-Charge's FileMaker Plugin and so far so good. The next step we would like to take is integrating our database with our accounting software (Sage MAS90) to pull invoices so we can setup online payments for our clients so i'm seeing some SQL sessions in my future lol.

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                You read our minds. We've been planning to set up a DevCon discussion, and we'll move this discussion into it when we have it completed. Thanks!

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                  Thanks Dave!