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    IWP in <iframe>


      Has anybody managed to put IWP into an ifram tag?

      I need to encapsualte some solutions published with IWP within an existing intranet website that is built in drupal.

      Any clue?

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          instead of iFrame, have you considered/tried frameset & frame?


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            No I actually haven't tried that. But the issue raised because I needed to serve a quick-and-dirty form though the existing intranet.

            Beside the problem is that IWP seems to need to be at the top frame of the page, otherwise it doesn't work. So I believe that with the frameset it wouldn't work either.

            But I will give it a go and will share the outcome in the post.



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              I was wondering if pascar1973 found a solution to iwp in iframe because I too wouldn't mind running iwp within my website rather than have to direct the visitor off site. My work around has been to design the iwp to match my website and then script the iwp exit to log off and open into my site. Still, it would be nice to have a functioning iwp within my site itself.

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                No, I didn't. It seems just impossible. The js stack onto which the IWP is built needs to be top level window.

                So I gave up.

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                  Hello Pascar 1973, what works well are PHP pages in iframe !!  I know, it's not what you asked, but maybe it could be an alternative ? ...  With the PHP Site Assitant in FMS 11, it's easy to make those pages, and in RapidWeaver its was easy to put such an iframe page !!!



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                    That's great news, stanyslasse! I am using RapidWeaver and v11. Where is the assistant located? In the filemaker pro 11 folder or through a link? If a link, could you provide an address?

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                      Hi dwbeowulff


                      Just be aware that PHP SESSIONS do not work as expected if the PHP site is inside an iFrame.






                      Joel Shapiro

                      FileMaker Pro

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                        I had googled a little bit after reading Joel's answer and wondering what he meant. The PHP session cookie problem in an IFRAME occurs with Internet Explorer (6 or higher).


                        http://stackoverflow.com/questions/389456/cookie-blocked-not-saved-in-iframe-in-internet-explorer states:


                        "Internet Explorer gives lower level of trust to IFRAME pages (IE calls this "third-party" content). If the page inside the IFRAME doesn't have a Privacy Policy, its cookies are blocked"


                        The author then continues to describe how to create a P3P policy and how to supply a reference to it in the HTTP header (you can use the PHP header() function for the latter).


                        See also http://www.amitpatil.me/session-cookie-not-working-in-ie-p3p-site-complience/

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                          me, too! and I found these (about P3P):





                          So, I guess it doesn't hurt to add regardless of browser (to hedge your bets!).

                          But we are talking about for PHP and iframe for this to help, which is FM CWP, not IWP as in the topic subject. (sorry!)



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                            Hello dwbeowulff,


                            The PHP Site Assistant is part of FM Server 11, not FM Pro, but what's nice : you can install it on wathever machine, you simply must point to a database on FMS with the IP address.  I can show some screenshots ... Unfortunalterly, FMS 12 comes without it, I don't kow why  ... !   Hope this will help you, S.

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                              I know that stanyslasse, but JoelShapiro is right. Also the PHP templates don't work well withing an iframe tag. For example, it works well only in Firefox.


                              It's just that IWP it's much quicker (and dirtier...), beside that, either you create your own layout from scratch, or you have to use the pretty limited PHP templates. If you have to build the layout in HTML+PHP, what's the point at all in using FMP? I could well use MySQL, or Postgres or whatever then...

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                                can you define 'the PHP templates'? What templates, where?



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                                  I am referring to the pre-costruced pages templates that CWP uses, those that you launch with the "FileMaker PHP Site Assistant":



                                  That by any means, are "template based" solutions.

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                                    Ok, because I "roll-my-own" php solutions & they are mostly "dynamic" by having common elements (header, footer, for example) as includes. The "body" of the pages, though dynamic can be somewhat 'template-based'.


                                    getting back to your statement about Joel's comment. You mean that the pages created by FM php Site Assistant don't seem to work well within iFrames. And that may be because of the way the are put together.


                                    I don't have a problem with my PHP coding showing in iFrames. The caveat being the browsers and P3P, but we've found answers for that.


                                    Back to topic: IWP, does what it does and if it does not work well in an iFrame, it's time to consider alternatives. For example, I've created some IWP pages that almost mimic the site they are "attached" to, so that the user does not think they are switching between main site and IWP. But that's often difficult if there's fancy JS or other page elements that cannot be duplicated on the FM layout for use with IWP.


                                    So, then CWP can be used mimicking all the elements of the original site (with their permission, of course) and your bits in FM/PHP. (I.E. no iFrames used...)