Can't grasp the concept of Multi-Select Portal Lists.

Discussion created by brettJames_ on Mar 13, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by IT_User

From what I understand a lot of people use Multi-Select Portal Lists to allow users to easily select/highlight multiple fields and then hit an Add button that runs a script to Add the selected record IDs to a join table of some sort. I have been searching all over and cannot find much information/examples on this technique. I figure once learning something like this you can use it all of the time.


I understand that the color highlighting of selecting/deselecting items is most likely done with conditional formatting.

I'm assuming I will need some sort of Select Script set on each row of the portal to pull in any selected record IDs but I don't understand how FileMaker knows which rows are selected. Is there a Get Selected Portal Row function or something? Could someone please give me an idea of how this is achieved?