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Users forgetting to commit their records

Question asked by g@briellelevenson on Mar 13, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2012 by timwhisenant

I find that most database users remember to commit their records 99% of the time, but occasionally leave a record uncommitted on their machine. This rarely affects the other users, and is only a problem when I'm trying to make a programming change to that table. Normally I just track down the person and ask them to commit their record, but it's becoming unwieldy and I feel like there's a better solution.


The trick is, I don't want to take away their freedom in the database due to the wide range of data entry they are doing. I am considering a script that runs if the record has been uncommitted more than 5 minutes, asking if they're still there and if they want to continue working (otherwise it will commit the record). Kinda like when you're logged into a secure site online and it automatically signs you out.


I'm guessing there might be something in Script Triggers to make this happen. Maybe I could start a script OnObjectEnter that is paused 5 minutes and then starts. Does anyone have any suggestions/thoughts on whether this will work, and what other solutions you might have come up with?