Toggling complex distribution of records to users

Discussion created by BTimm on Mar 13, 2012

We have an existing assignment system whereby new records are assigned to staff members in a toggle rotation. The existing script does nothing more than rotate through staff IDs in sequence, within the script.


We now have request to make the toggle more variable or complex, like taking 4 staff members and having distribution happen in more of a 3/3/3/1 rotation for every ten records. 3 people get 3 each and 1 person gets one.


Without rebuilding the whole toggle tool, my first thought is to create a new field on our central single-record file, let's call it ToggleNumber. So every time the record toggle happens, this number is flipped. On 1,2, and 3 it rotates through the 3 main staff. When it gets to 4, it assigns to the single toggle staff member and than starts ToggleNumber back on 1. That should result in the 3/3/3/1 rotation for every 10 leads.


I'm curious about other brainstorms on this though that may give me more flexibility down the line in case request changes to assign a group of 6 staff members for example and give them different percentages, as long as they all add up to 100% in sum.