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Display Consecutive numbers for field as numerical range

Question asked by ronniemilsap on Mar 14, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2012 by ronniemilsap

Hello everyone. I am not versed in scripting or calculations, but I need to figure out how to accomplish showing number values as a rang in a single entry if 2 conditions are met.

First: Show numbers as range if consecutive and Second: Only if the locality value is the same.

The setup is simple. There are 2 fields - "Catalog Number" and "Locality"




1 Oklahoma

2 Oklahoma

3 Oklahoma

4 Oklahoma

5 Texas

6 Texas

7 Texas

8 Oklahoma


I Would like the above data to display in this fashion:


1-4 Oklahoma

5-7 Texas

8 Oklahoma


I can'y imagine this is a difficult thing to accomplish.

I appreciate any and all assistance.