Retina resolution - chances and problems

Discussion created by intex on Mar 15, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2012 by derisco

I am personally shaking my head about the retina display of the new iPad and what it means for software development.


OK, the new iPad has nearly the same screen resolution as my big, really big 27inch iMac, but it is only 9inch in size. So everything, that is not adapted to retina resolution is only a third in size or even less. That should be true for 90+ percent of all websites, all the non adapted apps and of course our FileMaker apps used in FileMaker GO, that were originally made for the desktop.


So, what will the user of the iPad do? He or she will double tap to enlarge the display of the content to fill the screen and to fit into the resolution. And what is the result? The super sharp display is showing super unsharp graphics. At least one can hope, that the new graphics hardware will be able to handle that fast. But as a result of the better display I get less sharp graphics in most cases. This is very frustrating to me.


So then, we can resize all our graphics and icons in our solutions to the new resolution. That´ll be fine for the retina display. But it makes our solutions much bigger and slower, it will increase the overhead in a database file. And for what ? Is a 27inch display really that bad, that we need a better display, more resolution, higher sharpness ? I doubt that. I already found the 27inch Mac to be very sharp and making all kinds of contents really little in size, so that I often wish to have a lens. So - at least today - in most cases the bigger graphics are just not used bits and bytes junk.


What are you doing and thinking about it? Will you rebuild all your graphics stuff in your applications and on your website ? What do you think about speed and diskspace all these giant graphics need? How about network traffic? How will you handle retina and non retina display in one application ? Is this the comeback of text based interfaces, that can be easily resized as vectors ? Is a Windows 8 metro kind GUI a solution and a compromise for these problems ? Or are there no problems ?