Switchable Value Lists

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Mar 15, 2012
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Hello all,


I'm looking for a technique that will change the values in a drop down list, when changing a global preference.


Seems easy enough to do, but I have not quite worked out a way to do it!


I have values stored in two different fields eg:


Field 1 Field 2

A 1

B 2

C 3

D 4


For my field with the drop down on it, I would like to have a preference on how I want to choose the values, so that when I change the preference, the values in the drop down change.

The drop down list will be applied to one field, allowing a user to enter the value from whichever is the prefered drop down list.




My preference options would be A-Z or 1-9

Choosing Pref A-Z will only display values entered in the Field 1 in my drop down list.

Choosing Pref 1-9 will only display values entered in the Field 2 in my drop down list.


is this possible? Seems simple, huh? Perhaps I need to rest my brain, it's getting late, can anyone shed some light on this?

Keep in mind, the Preferece is a global, so if it's used in any calculation field, the index breaks, therefore no more value list.