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    DaconS Mailit 5


      Does anybody have any experience with installing MailIt 5 plugin on FileMaker Server ? I am not that we'll versed in FM Server but I am having a hard time even trying to see if plugin is even installed correctly. I have been dancing with Dacons Tech Bogdan for about 21/2 weeks now and still can't get to the bottom of the problem. I get one e-mail a day from him and he still hasn't gotten to the bottom of my problem. He says that if the plugin is installed correctly that Mailit should create its own log file and so far that's not happened. I have sent him screenshots of all my setup and he says all is installed correctly but yet to be able to find a log file for it. In my opinion their product is good but tech support is horrible. I was totally willing to pay for tech support but no dice. So I have hours of time into something that a fifteen minute call could have fixed! I will never buy another thing from them in the future! But I still have to get through this so if anybody can help I really need it. But let me be clear I am sure the problem lies on my side of things but when you sell something to someone you should really do everything you can to help that customer and after a certian time of back and forth emails it should get accelerated to a phone call or something. Especially if a guy is willing to pay!

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          You don't say what OS your server is running,  this might be helpful.  So as an initial thought,  check the folder where Mailit is suposed to be storing the log file and be sure that the user that writes the log file has access to the folder.  If this is a windows server in Active directory,  this may complicate the permissions setup.  You may have to get the user information from Mailit or work with your server admin to check this.




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            That's a great point Bruce I am running windows server and out IT guy has everything so locked down I have had problems being able to do things before so I will check that. Bruce have you worked with Dacons products before? If so I may have a few more questions for you.