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Newbie Question?: Getting data through two tables

Question asked by jharmony on Mar 16, 2012

I'm not sure how to phrase my question, so I'm not sure if the answer is already out in the world, but any help or redirection to a resolution would be great.


Here's the setup:


There are two tables I enter data into: A stock list with individual records and a mailing list. I'm creating an invoice which pulls the artists name, title of artwork and price from stock list and I need the birthdate/location from the mailing list. However, on the invoice I've already used an instance of "Key Name" to get the mailing address of the recipient of the invoice and "Key Name" is the only easy, unique way to identify an object in the Mailing List.


So is there anyway to use "Key Name" in the stock list to get the birthdate/place, then get that info by linking to the stock list? Is there a better easy solution? I'm updating an already existing database with roughly 3000 entries so I'd rather not add to the Mailing list if neccessary.


Anyhelp would be great.