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    Filemaker Campus Productivity Kit from 2007


      Discovered this Filemaker Runtime - "Campus Productivity Kit" on CNet Downloads in early March.

      Both the Windows and Mac version is available.

      It was posted in Sept of 2006 on CNet Downloads.

      Design, logic, script naming, and function is very nice. I prefer simple.

      Like any runtime, you can open the database in FMP.

      Like any runtime, there are limitations, PDF Save As, Excel Save As.

      There is no mention I can find on the FIlemaker Website.

      Win http://download.cnet.com/FileMaker-Campus-Productivity-Kit/3000-2124_4-10577579.html

      Mac http://download.cnet.com/FileMaker-Campus-Productivity-Kit/3000-2124_4-10577567.html


      This is my first discussion, I hope you find the file interesting.


      David Anders

      The Computer Guy, Seattle