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    one field, several entries




      I like to create an database used by doctors to manage information about their patients. This database needs to look nice so I'm working with layouts.


      Since patients normally aren't sick for just one time in their lives, I need so use a table, that looks something like this:



      18.01.201112flulots of fluids


      Hope you get the idea

      Is there a way, I can create a record like above? I already ask that question in another forum, but they told me, that it's not possible... but it seems to be very basic...


      Any ideas? I appreciate every helpt I can get!

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          The table should actually look more like this:


          1232518.01.2011flulots of fluids


          and it would be related to the table of Patients as:


          Patients::PatientID = Visits::PatientID


          If you place a portal to Visits on a layout of Patients, you'll be able to create new visits directly by entering them into the first empty row of the portal (provided you enable this in the definition of the relationship).


          All of this is pretty basic stuff and very far from impossible. Note that the age of a patient at the time of a visit can be calculated from the visit's date and the patient's date-of-birth (stored in the Patients table).

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            and THAT'S how the magic works! Thank you SO much!