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Force Quitting Filemaker

Question asked by DDoughtie on Mar 16, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2012 by CarstenLevin

I want to force quit Filemaker within an Applescript. I have an automated solution that pulls XML in via FTP, cleans it up then pushes it out via FTP. I'm currently running it as a Runtime solution and have no issue with force quiting the runtime. But the client wants to run it with a full version of Filemaker. The issue I have is that sometimes the network is flaky during the FTP transfer process and things hang up. The Filemaker solution writes an html status file every 2 minutes. An Applescript app monitors the status file. If the mod date of the file becomes older than the current time by 20 minutes its assumes the app is hung and forces it down (simple Tell app "Filemaker " quit won't work when it's hung). Since I really don't care about saving any of the data in the document I simply force quit, trash the document file, open a ZIP backup of it (essentially restoring it with a virgin file) and launching it. The internal cron of the solution then starts all of the timed processes.


I'm viewed a few forums and everyone argues against force quitting but most of those arguments have to do with data corruption.


1. I don't care about corrupting the data in the open file because I'm going to toss it anyway.

2. Almost all apps can be force quit in OS 10 with do shell script "killall AppName". (in the case of the run time its do shell script "killall Runtime"). Works with just about any app, except Filemaker.


Suggestions are most welcome.