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    Get data from another list?

      I am trying to create a surgical database listing patients, operations and complications.


      I have created tables and layouts for each, related such that there is a one to many relationship for patients to operations and operations to complication (hope not too many).


      There is a list of operation codes and descriptions which I have imported from an external source and saved as a seperate list.


      In my operation layout, i want to be able to input an operation code (from a finite list so I am using a drop-down menu with the codes as the list) in one feild and for it to lookup and enter the correct description in the next feild.


      I also want to have 6 total of each field to allow for multiple procedures during one operation.


      Could someone suggest how to do this? I have tried many script approaches with no luck. I realise this is quite basic but I would really appreciate any help.


      Also, would i need to write 6 scripts, one for each pair of fields, or would one script be possible with identifiers for the initial code box related to the correct description field?


      Many thanks.