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    Autonumbering line items


      I have an Customer Order Entry layout, which has a portal for entering each line item. I would like the Line item # to be generated aotomatically, restarting with # 1 each time a new Customer Order record is created.


      Does anyone tell me how this is done?




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          Hi Mike,


          The record number of a table is it's line number.  So if you have a LineItems portal on an Invoice layout, just use your text tool and type @@ into the portal row to display its line number. 


          The problem with wanting to insert the number as data into the record is that, if you delete a line, you will have to renumber your records.  Not only is this inefficient but it can break in multi-user as other Users might also be adding, deleting or 'renumbering' lines. 


          So it is best to let it be handled dynamically using the record number symbol itself. 

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            Hi Laretta,


            Thanks for the support.  I don't quite understand what you are saying. What do you mean by type @@ into the portal row. Sorry.



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              You know how to type a label using your text tool (the 'T')?  Just type @@ on your layout and then drag it into your portal row.  @@ is the symbol for record number and, if it is in your portal, it will produce the line number (record number) of each LineItem.

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                Oh, that was too simple.


                Thanks again,