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Can FM Pro 11 Advanced (English) and FM Pro 11 (Middle-East) version coexist on 1 machine?

Question asked by ebassily on Mar 17, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2012 by alfred1963

I have FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced (English version) installed on my computer. I wanted to install also FileMaker Pro 11 (Middle-East version with English version), distributed by, on the same machine to work a file that has Arabic text and that needs to have fields sorted according to Arabic alphabet. When I installed FM Pro ME version it did not want to launch even and always gave me the following error: "This application has been installed incorrectly or modified by another program. Please run the Installer to get a fresh copy of the application after determining the cause.". I ran the installation over and over again trying everything possible including removing both apps by CleanMyMac, restarting and installing the ME version alone again, but all this did not work. I forgot to mention that I'm running the new OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 2 on this machine. I tended to rule this fact out since FM Pro 11 Advanced (English) did work fine both before and after installing the FM Pro 11 ME version. Can someone help me know what's going wrong, or what I am missing? Thanks.