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    Update on 'How to Round Numbers'


      I want to update everyone on my rounding numbers dilema from this post:How to Round numbers?


      Thanks to Morgan, Michael, LaRetta and anyone else I forgot.



      Taxes are a pain the .....but it ended up working out by rounding ALL the numbers before hitting the paychecks. (Morgan you were spot on)



      On a side note:

      I decided to calc the Employer taxes in the final paycheck table, rather than further bloat the already bloated payroll calc table.

      The employer taxes have to round to at most 5 digits, so this posed another problem of rounding when the numbers hit the GL.

      So, I discovered if I rounded the employer taxes in the 'Posting Script' it worked perfectly.

      I'm not sure if this action is adding a heavier burden on FM, or if there is a better way.



      So far everything is humming along and no more pennies off!



      I can't thank all of you enough.



      Blessings to all

      Deb C.