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    Help with buttons


      Hi everyone,


      I am still learning the workings of FM Pro and have a few queries. I could not find exactly what i needed in the Help or trainng resources.


      I have an assessment type of list layout which has 3 buttons on each row.

      The button values can vary on each row: For example:


      Select 1 Select 2 Select 3


      "Yes" "Sometimes" "No"

      "Yes" "N/A" "No"


      1. Is it possible to change the fill colour of the Button selected so that the user can easily see which one they selected on each row, also so that any rows with unselected buttons will be easily identified?. (depending on the buttons selected a different value is entered into anothe field on the record)


      2. Is it possible to disable the Buttons which contain "N/A" so they may not be selected at all (on entering the layout)?.


      3. Is it possible to change the colour of a whole row or a field in the row, depending on a certain value in one of the fields on the record, (on entering the layout)?.


      4. Is it possible to configure a field on a portal as a Button object?.


      Another question on portals:


      5. Is it possible to group rows in a portal, so that the group name does not have to be repeated on each row?


      Help on achieving these scenarios would be very welcome.




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          1. Yes. use conditional formatting
          2. are you talking about a radio button or a button? if it is a button you can do it via script (just make a test and exit)
          3. Yes if the row if filled by the field. use conditional formatting
          4. yes, no problem. Just define it
          5. No as far as I know
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            ad 1) you could do this with scripting and conditional formating.

            ad 2) there is a possibility to fade out fields, but this one is not straightforward.

            ad 3) if it is a field, conditional formating will help. To color the whole row you need a workaround.

            ad 4) yes, by selecting the field. then you have to click on the right mouse button and select the option.

            ad 5) sorting the portal rows could help.


            maybe you should take other methods of entering data e.g. option fields into considerations. thinkable is also a one-button solution.

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