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Script failing on one Mac

Question asked by MicheleOlson on Mar 19, 2012
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A script that generates an invoice has started failing within the past 10 days. We've been able to trace the failure to a single computer. [iMac, less than 1 year old, Mac OS X 10.6.8, FMP 11.0v4].


The portion of the script that is failing is the assigning of the invoice number. Here are the steps that fail:



Set Variable [ $lastNum; Value:Max(ord_ORD__maxInvNum____oneKey::Invoice#) ]

Set Field [ ORD__entry__tog::Invoice#; $lastNum + 1 ] "


There are 4 other computers in the office, all running the same system and all invoicing.


On each of the others, the invoice # is updated and set properly, while it fails on this computer.


I have had the user log in as herself on another computer and test, the script does not fail.


It appears to me that FileMaker on the failing computer is off. Other than trashing FM preferences ... and if that does not solve it, reinstalling FM ... are they any other ideas about what may be causing the issue?


There have been no changes [updates to system, new apps, etc.] to this computer for well over a month.


Thanks for your ideas.