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    Silent Install for a Runtime


      I have a querry from a client who wants


      "to be able to perform a silent install. What are the command line options I can use to accomplish this (i.e “setup.exe /silent”) or is there an MSI file I can download to accomplish the same thing?"


      This is for a FileMaker runtime solution.


      Does anyone have experience with performing silent installations on Windows of FM runtime apps?





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          Stephen Huston

          Usually the term "silent install" means the user doesn't have to input serial numbers or other data to allow the installation to progress once triggered, usually be opening an installer on the CD/DVD or Disk Image


          In some cases, the term also means that the installation begins when a CD/DVD is inserted which contains an installer.


          Runtime solutions do not require FMP-type serial numbers, so they are already silent in that sense.


          The last time I built a CD-based installer, there were ways to set an auto-execute file to run on CD insertion (Windows). If you built a basic installer and set it to auto-execute (settings at the CD burning stage) then just inserting the CD would cause the installation to begin, and no serial number had to be entered unless that was a add-on requirement built into the solution itself once it started up.


          Maybe the info above will give you a clue about what's needed. Can you be more specific about what you need to accomplish to have this appear as a "silent install" to your client?

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            Hi Stephen,


            Thanks for the reply and the information.


            I furnished as much information as I have from the client.


            The product is a runtime app that I developed for them a few years back. I prepared an installer CD which operates on both Mac and Windows. The request [that I quoted] came to them from a purchaser of their program. (My client often has me provide techinical support.) The purchaser is in a school setting and my guess is the IT person does not want to be physically present at the computer for the installation.


            There are no serial #s. On the CD there are two icons, an .exe file which is the installer for Windows and an .mpkg file which is the installer for the Mac. The installers were not set to auto execute. I believe if I just furnish the name of the Windows installer file, the IT person can take it from there.





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              Stephen Huston

              Let's hope so. IT skills vary... 

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                Benjamin Fehr

                what Install-Builder do you use for Windows 7?

                What is the destination path you write your Runtime into?

                I'm dealing with user privileges conflicts with target

                C:/Program Files (x86) /


                My install builder for Windows: