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Error sending SMTP Mail from FMP 10 or 11

Question asked by skagpatrick-disable on Mar 20, 2012
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Is there a way to get a more detailed level of reporting for SMTP errors.

I have a shrink wrapped solution which can use Mail client or mail server to send emails for use in schools.


Slowly over each termly updates to school IT infrastructure emails are getting harder to send.

Our best mates at Microsoft add the paranoia confirmation box that requires each email to the mail client to be acknowledged with a "Yes I am sure I sent this" confirmation, not good when you have 200 emails to send.

Now SMTP servers seem bound up in IP whitelists and other hurdles!


I now have a school who now cannot even talk to an SMTP server.

I am using FM 10v3 or FMAdv11 to use the single script step sending to an IP number in a field setting or manually set using SMTP server send mail


All I get is error 1506 - Mail could not be sent successfully

This does not appear immediately but takes a few seconds eg 5

This is now a single script with a single step, no joy.


The log on the SMTP server shows no activity from the Filemaker machines IP

There are no network issues, the machines can see each other, and the school has dozens of photocopiers happily connecting through unwhitelisted IP numbers.

A mail client from the ame machine can happily connect and send


This problem is limited to the filemalker app itself (Mac and PC)


Taken to my own network, the script step works.

I have had the school IT dept working on this banging their heads on a deskworking on this but have produced no more progress (although it was fun to watch)

My next job is to try Wireshark (packet sniffer) but that's gettinga bit deep


Has anyone else seen this problem of able to offer any guidance


Any help most gratefully received


Best Wishes


Patrick Vallely

Skagerrak Software New Zealand