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Alternative timeloop for IWP

Question asked by Floor_IDGnet on Mar 20, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2012 by Floor_IDGnet

Hi there,

I need some help to make an timeloop suiteble for IWP, like a do-while loop for answering questions in an exam with a variable timewindow for answeringtime. The answers will be given by an button-script action. Because "script-halt" is not compatible with IWP i have already tryed:


timestart (=GetTimestamp)


exit loop if =GetTimestamp>timestart+10sec

End loop


But during this loop no answers-actions are exepted or all scriptactions will be ignored.

A have also used 10 times a scripthalt-step for 1 sec. This worked fine when running fm-client but not in IWP.


Any suggestions are welcome!


Greatings, Floor