Problems of Summary fields

Discussion created by crhmac on Mar 20, 2012
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Hi all.


I have a problem with subtotal field.


I have 3 Fields, total pago, total recebido and saldo for N accounts.


Total Pago is a calcutation Sum(saldo_dia_conta_mov_diaria::valor_pago_calculado) field located in a Subsummary


Total recebido is a calculation too Sum(saldo_dia_conta_mov_diaria cr::valor_recebido_calculado) both using a relatalionship.


Saldo only the diference between Pago - recebido, saldo_inicial_relacao + GetSummary (total_contas_recebidas_cr; conta_para_fluxo_de_caixa) - GetSummary ( total_contas_pagas; conta_para_fluxo_de_caixa)


Now I need ai Summary, total of the total pago, more total of the total recebido and total of the Saldo, but if I use example a field in Trailing Grand Summary the Total is always the Summary of total.




Account 1 = Total Pago R$ 200,00 Total Recebido R$ 400 saldo = R$ 200,00 OK.

Account 2 = Total Pago R$ 100,00 Total Recebido R$ 400 saldo = R$ 300,00 OK.


Total = R$ 300,00 Total = R$ 800,00 Total = R$ 500,00 ( my objetive)


But this total Summary Always the total of records in database and dont respect the relationship.


I hope has been clear.