Filtering Container Field by Repetition Number

Discussion created by bright_guy on Mar 20, 2012
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Hi. Does anyone know how to display a field's specific repetition content, based on user selection? The field is a container, with 10 repetitions, all intended for PDFs.


Imagine a layout that has a row of thumbnails -- with the 10 container repetitions (nice and small) -- and a single large container field right beside. The thumbnails and the large field are both the same field. It's just that the thumbnails show all the repetitions, and the large one, shows just one. That is, the large container is intended to display -- nice and big -- the selected thumbnail. I'd like for the user to click a desired thumbnail, and have the larger container field display the selected PDF.


I tried using buttons on the thumbnail repetitions, to perform a scrpt that sets a filtering field, equal to the repetition number. The filtering field is used to relate table occurences, and the large container is pulled from the related filtered table occurence. Fail.


Then I tucked my children in, and ran out of ideas. Yours would be appreciated. (I mean your ideas.)