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How to force abort a script if user abort is off?

Question asked by liza on Mar 20, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2012 by liza

Hi, I created a script that is set to run at startup. I turned off user abort. It's just a new window which shows a report, and there's a "Close" button which is supposed to resume the script, close the window and exit the script. But somehow, I probably did something wrong with the script and when I open the file, it just keeps opening new windows, and I can't even view the "Close" button because the window is too small (it hasn't reached the script step yet where the window resizes to fit), and I can't resize the window, or do anything else. So now I can't even use the file anymore because it's just stuck at that script. Is there a way I can force abort the script so that I can edit it? I'm using FMP 11, Mac OS Snow Leopard.


Hope somebody can help me out of this mess.


Thanks a lot,