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    Communication with host lost


      I have a client who has his database hosted remotely. They access the database with 4 client machines. 3 of the machines are fine but one machine keeps getting error "communication with host lost". Connection gets lost if user is using database and also when when dataabse is just left open.


      Screen saver is off

      Server option to disconnect idle users is off

      The LAN internet connection shows no break in internet connection.


      The problem machine is windows 7 professional SP1 32 bit running FMP 11


      Does anyone know what is causing this...it is doing my clients head in as we are unable to figure out what is going on.

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          Hi Kevin,


          My guess is that there's a brief lapse in the network connection between this machine and the network switch.


          Replacing the cable could your first and easiest diagnostic test. If that doesn't fix the issue then you might have a bad port on the switch or the computer.


          I hope this helps,



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            Many thanks...i will take a look at that.

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              I would second John’s suggestion. Network cable can get crimped, I have experienced even usb cables to become damaged, causing devices that worked yesterday to fail, or not found on the network , today. Replaced the usb cable and all was well again. Check patch cords at the switch also.







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                Stephen Huston

                Also keep in mind that local cabling is the strongest part of this connection. You indicated it was hosted remotely, which generally means your users have a WAN connection, regardless of local connections.


                WAN has major network latency, and, when it reaches a certain point, can trigger FMPro to think the connection has been dropped.


                If your users are all on the same LAN on site, but sharing that connection to a WAN FM connection, the WAN connection will seem even slower due to shared bandwidth. If they are also running open email and/or browser connections on that LAN, that adds to the load and increased WAN delays.


                I've even seen it where one specific machine kept getting dropped on a busy LAN-wired system because he was using his wireless connection by accident. In another case, the computer on the system with the oldest (slowest) network card kept getting dropped due to delays.


                Lot's to consider with remote hosting.

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                  Hi Kevin




                  I have found this will happen if the power settings on the machine allow the computer to sleep or hibernate. This turns off the network card as well.




                  Might be worth getting the user to check those settings.




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                    Are they possibly connecting to a VPN when the connection drops? I think Windows 7, by default, runs all traffic over the VPN, and that can cause your lost connection.