Increased Frustration of Window Management (in Windows)

Discussion created by revmk on Mar 21, 2012
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Hello all,


This is a general discussion so please feel free to add your thoughts - I'd be interested to know.


Am I the only person becoming increasingly frustrated by the handling of of the 'New Window' command in FM11 (on Windows)? The way it handles them is frankly terrible.


The problem:

- Spawn a new window with a fixed size (80px x 60px) from a maximised parent window.

- New window opens, but resizes the parent window.


You can script to partly mitigate the problem, but you can not get away from the continued 'window flash' that occurs whilst doing this - it looks terrible. I've just wasted an hour trying to spawn a small floating window without causing everything else to shrink to the size of the walnut or cause seizures to the end users. The other option is a plugin - the issue here is support longterm and in some cases the cost involved.


Does this bother anyone else or just me? I've reported it countless times, never any response or reasoning given.


Whilst I am at it why does FM only allow the attachment of a single file in an email?


I'm going to go and calm down now.


Thanks for reading, peace!