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Set field to multiple values based on another field

Question asked by MattLeach on Mar 21, 2012
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Im working on refining my existing email/messaging system in one of my databases and i'm a bit stuck.


We have 2 simple tables:

1. Messaging

2. Users


On the messaging table, there is a To field which is a popup list of all users with a status of available (Value list based on Users table, username and status fields). This works great and will send a message to the selected user.


What i would like to do is take things one step further and instead of sending the message to one user, send the message to all users that have a status of available.


I'm stuck on how to calculate this. Ideally (if possible) i would like to have the Messaging::To field automatically have all "available" users in it at any given time and update automatically if a users status changes to or from "available"


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.