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    Cache Issues


      Hi All,


      I'm using FileMaker Server version


      I'm working on a new client database, and we were having some issues where changed data by one client wasn't being seen on another client machine for a few minutes. I assumed this is due to cache settings on the server, so, following the various discussions in the archive, I started to bring down the cache size until the statistics started to show a change. The cache hit % stayed at 100% (it is always 100%), but the unstored cache % went from 15% to 38%. Not at all the result I was seeking.


      I tried to reset the cache flush distribution internval, but it always registers 21:01, and can't be changed in FileMaker Server. Is this normal, and how do I solve the issue?





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          Stephen Huston

          Hi Mike,


          Keep in mind that there may be a much more basic user issue causing data to fail to refresh to other users -- the client doing the editing may not be commiting the record, in which case nothing is being written to the server for other users to recache. We see this a lot in our system, and I keep telling users to commit their records regularly, but they don't understand.


          They think leaving the current FM window or the FM program while they do something else in teh foreround will cause a commit, but they still leave their cursor active in a backgound FM window's field, and nothing gets committed. Sometimes they go to lunch without committing the record. We have the server set to disconnect after 90 minutes idle, so sometimes the record edits disappear, to the surprise of those users who fear commitment.


          Also check the settings for the FMPro client on the problem machine, that it has not been reset to flush cache at long intervals.


          Stephen Huston

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            Hi Stephen,


            Thanks for the reply. I don't believe the issue in this case is due to records not being committed.


            I did check the client's machine. The FMPro is set to flush the cache during idle times, which I thought would be better than setting it to flush every 10 minutes or more for our purposes.


            It's funny that this particular client's machine seems slow compared to a couple of others on the network. Perhaps that is where the issue lies. I'll check that, too.