IWP Hyperlink when FireFox Is the Default Browser

Discussion created by user12837 on Mar 22, 2012

I have a hyperlink, , which works with every browser except some instances FireFox (latest version). This is evidently a generic FireFox problem. One site provides this as a "best answer":


· Mozilla will not open links for me.

Best answer: Try to disable the add-ons all and see it work on not. If work, then enable it one by one and check which one cause this problem. In my case, it is the skype extension


I have discovered that this works in the cases of those instances of FireFox which exhibit the problem. But I can't tell all my customers to lobotomize their FireFox browsers in order to make the link I mail them work.


Does anyone have an elegant workaround?


(Note that cutting and pasting the URL into FireFox is elegant.)