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Printing to PDF how many is too many pages for FM?

Question asked by LauraZ. on Mar 22, 2012
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I have a client who prints out a sizable publication annually, and it is of listings which will exist in the database, when we get that far. Already, I have set up in the database the report which shows the sorted listings (sample data) the way they asked, and they can print that report to PDF.


I had talked with them about their printing house and what form will be required by them etc., and in the end I offered them what looked like a very promising and reasonably priced plugin that would take an export in Excel or .tab and turn it into InDesign or Quark or something they were familiar with. Then, they suddenly backed off on that and put it off.


Now, I just got a series of edits for the report (which was really meant for other purposes and a demo), and I feel that they are becoming enamored of the Print to PDF out of FM, and may want to try to print their book this way.


Before I tell them that's not a good idea, I wanted to check with you all to see if there are actually limits or limitations to Print to PDF from FM when looking at a sizable final product, like several hundred pages?


Thank you for your feedback,

Laura Z.