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GTRR Issues

Question asked by MattLeach on Mar 22, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2012 by MattLeach

I have a database where the client would like a rolodex type listing on the layout where their client information is.


The main table that holds information is Clients. The clients table contains a calculated field called Rolodex_Name which is basically a combination of first last and middle name.


I created a TO of clients called Rolodex and setup a cartesian join between Clients and Rolodex using the Rolodex_Name field.


I've place a portal on the layout, put the Rolodex_Name field in the portal. I setup the field as a button using hte GTRR script, get related records from Clients using current layout, showing only related records, match current record only.


When i click on a name, the record does not change. Perhaps i'm doing something wrong?


I've attached a copy of the file for reference, no username or pass.