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FM 8.5 (trouble getting IWP working)

Question asked by fozzy on Mar 22, 2012
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I wonder if anyone has run into this... I've been running a FM 8.5 database on a Network and allowing people to edit using Internet Web Publishing for years now and only encountered a problem when I moved the file from the old machine to the new machine earlier today. Now when I try to activate Internet Web Publishing Filemaker gives me a message that "Filemaker cannot share files over the web because Instant Web Publishing could not be started". This message comes up in a dialog box the moment I click the "on" radio button on the Instant Web Publishing window.


IT is always 'improving' things around here. I suspect our newer machines are equipped with features that disable anything usefull like this in order to make it harder to get anything done... Does anybody have any ideas as to what that might be? A Control Panel setting perhaps???




- Dave


PS. Please forgive if this doesn't exactly fit the subject of this Discussion Forum. This is my first post and when I started writing it looked fairly close... Now that I'm nearly done I'm not so sure it fits that well...