Disappearing File Menu with FM11 and Lion

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Mar 23, 2012

I am runnning FM Pro Advanced 11, Lion (10.7.3)


I am getting odd behaviour with all options under the 'File' menu dissapearing at random times, as well as some options under the "apple" menu not responding (such as about FileMaker Advanced)


Interestingly enough, if I enable my own custom menu set, all is well, but when I switch back, bye bye file menu.

What even more curious is that if I pull up the option via the Help menu, it points to the menu option somewhere in the middle of the screen!!


Anyone else experienced this sort of weird behaviour?


The OS is a fairly fresh install (not upgraded, installed on a wiped HD)

I run a Macbook Pro 13" with an external display attached (DVI connection)